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craig marton love

New guest!

Posted by lhiam on 2012.04.10 at 09:59
Uhuhu! Thomas Robbins will be back this year!

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craig marton love

New guest!

Posted by lhiam on 2012.03.30 at 10:19
Natalia Tena from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones will be back at this year's Ring*Con.

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Leto Sandwich

New guest

Posted by cologne_chick on 2012.02.13 at 14:41
Current Mood: happyhappy
Tommy Krappweis will be back at Ring*Con 2012.

If you missed him in 2011, go and watch one of his panels. He's hilarious :-)

Leto Sandwich

First guests :-)

Posted by cologne_chick on 2012.01.12 at 13:28
Current Mood: happyhappy
Many of you may have hoped it, today we can cheer you up. The star guests, who make Ring*Con so unique, who entertain you so much in their popular and famous Kiwi-Panels, will attend Ring*Con again!
Craig Parker is confirmed!
Lori Dungey is confirmed!
Mark Ferguson – our Master of Ceremonies – is confirmed!
And! Someone who was also desired a lot:
Daniel Falconer is confirmed!


You can see a very happy Chicky here ;-P


Price list for pictures and autographs. ^____^

Posted by candream on 2011.09.16 at 18:58
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Evanescence - Tourniquet | Powered by Last.fm
Yaaaaaaaay, they finally posted the list with all prices:

Take a closer look!

Yaaaaaaaaay, I can't wait for the Ring*Con! ^_____^


Program online!!

Posted by candream on 2011.08.31 at 18:49
Current Mood: excitedexcited
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Das Programm zur RingCon 2011 (Version 1) ist nun online. Ihr findet es in unserer Rubrik Programm!

The RingCon 2011 program is now online. You can find it in our section Program!


Leto Sandwich

First cancelation

Posted by cologne_chick on 2011.08.29 at 08:03
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Unfortunately, Casey LaBow has cancelled her appearance at RingCon 2011 due to filming commitments. Casey has just been informed that the movie she is filming in September and October will not make it possible for her to travel to attend RingCon. She sends her sincere apologies as she was looking forward to RingCon.



Webseite - Logo

Posted by claudee on 2011.07.04 at 10:15
http://www.ringcon.de hat ein, äh, neues Logo. Wenns nicht sofort lädt, einmal auf Aktualisieren drücken.


New guest: Lori Dungey!

Posted by claudee on 2011.06.18 at 10:35
Yipieeeh :)

June 18th 2011 - Lori Dungey is confirmed for RingCon 2011

Leto Sandwich

New guest - Jonathan Harding

Posted by cologne_chick on 2011.05.17 at 13:31
Current Mood: okayokay
Jonathan Harding (Erestor / Dinendal – „Lord of the Rings“) is attending Ring*Con 2011. He was born on 2nd May 1978, in Timaru, New Zealand. Technically, Jonathan had three different jobs on “The Lord of the Rings”. He was working in the production crew, and played two Elf – “Erestor” and “Dinendal”. Jonathan has also appeared in „The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe“ and “The Cronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” and has certainly a lot to tell about his projects in his Q&A sessions. Of course he will also give autographs and do the famous photo sessions.
Currently, Jonathan Harding is working on The Hobbit, Part 1 and 2 and we are sure, he can tell us a lot about the Hobbit filming.

I'm looking forward to see him again, especially since he is working on The Hobbit.

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